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As Regional Anesthesia specialists, we are proud to be the Canadian distribution partner of Pajunk, Copenhagen MedLab, Safersonic and Ranfac.


For more than 50 years, PAJUNK® has stood for innovative medical technology Made in Germany. Pajunk has specialized in the production of needles in the medical field and is also considered the inventor of the atraumatic needle - the SPROTTE®. Today, the main sales of Pajunk products are in the sectors of Regional Anesthesia, Pain Management, Neurology, Biopsy as well as Minimally Invasive Surgery.

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Safersonic is the manufacturer of sterile ultrasound transducer covers with an integrated gel strip. Discover the Cover for yourself!

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Copenhagen MedLab

Copenhagen MedLab is a Danish manufacturer of sophisticated catheter fixation devices and various dressings. The company develops and manufactures medical devices that assist hospital staff in providing cost effective, safe and comfortable patient care with focus on fixation of catheters and protection of catheter exit sites without the use of suture.

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Ranfac offers a range of minimally invasive, hypodermic based medical devices for specialized applications across multiple therapeutic categories including Spine, Orthobiologics, General Surgery, Hematology and Radiology. 

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